Chicago Fire


Chicago Fire was originally born of my desire to enjoy the flavors and textures unique to Chicago Pizza myself, and also to share them with others. I began researching and making Chicago pizza after moving out west from Chicago. Premium Wisconsin Mozzarella, separately formulated dough recipes prepared daily, for thin crust and deep dish and a third generation sausage purveyor from Chicago (This is the same sausage maker that supplied the pizzerias that made Chicago Pizza famous). These are just a few of the examples of my commitment to quality and authenticity. I believe you are about to experience the most intensely researched Chicago Pizza, west of Chicago.

The Chi Fi story does not end with pizza. Our menu and the range of tasty selections are influenced by a number of things. Firstly, many of Chicago’s tastiest foods were created by Greek and Italian immigrants. This is reflected on our menu. Secondly, Chicago was once known as the pork capital of the world. Chicagoans love their meats and at Chicago Fire, we do too! Most of our sandwiches and pizzas have over a half pound of meat, staying true to portions one would expect to enjoy in the windy city. Lastly, we stay true to our name by offering numerous “Fiery” foods such as Extra Hot Wings, The Great Chicago Fire Pizza, Spicy Italian Sausage, and of course our signature Hot Italian Beef.

Cooking from scratch and making food to order are not common in upscale causal restaurants. When I opened the first Chicago Fire, I created recipes based on how great they tasted, not how much time they took to prepare. That philosophy resulted in what I refer to in business, as an “accidental success”. Turns out, people actually enjoy socializing when dining out and appreciate having a little more “table time” to relax and visit. Not to mention, the anticipation of that hot, crispy, buffalo wing or the cheesy, flakey, deep dish pizza, made to order just for you! There is simply no substitute for time when preparing great tasting food, whether in your kitchen or ours!


Eric Schnetz
Founder & Corporate Chef